Skin Canvas

April 2022

Submitted for Harris Reed X Klarna Design Competition May 2022

Skin Canvas is a series of body decorations made of biodegradable bamboo dental floss in celebration of skin.
There is beauty in the indivuduality of every person’s natural skin. This aims to break down traditional Western beauty standards by playing with the ‘weird’ and ‘grotesque’ and by celebrating the beauty of the body by framing the canvas of the skin like a piece of art.

We live in a society full of products marketed to make us want look airbrushed, to fuel a consumerist market of self-improvement. This project uses the folds and fluidity of the natural skin with an intentionality that’s celebrates curves rather than condemning them. Embrace the rolls, the shapes and the fullness of our skin. Honour the beauty in our natural bodies. Celebrate our imperfections. Break down societal values of what is seen as ‘beautiful’.

Appreciate our skin and what it can do as you would admire a painting on a canvas.


© Copyright Louisa Pattisson 2022